The Best Kind of Mess!


Courtesy of Amy Mileham

I’m not the biggest fan of clutter but I do like to see a little mess!  When I was a little girl I was a neat freak!  I hated being messy.  I would change my clothes if one speck of dirt was on my shirt.  My sister was the opposite.  She was a BIG mess!  Coming in the door with a clean spot on her clothing or body would have shocked us all!  So, what did my mom tell us?  To one child she would say, “Ena, I want you to go out and get as dirty as you can and play hard.”  To the other child she would say, “Rachel, you better not get a speck on you!”  And sure enough I would come home a little dirty and Rachel would come home a little dirty.  My mom knew that balance was important.

A Balance of Mess is the Best

Give a child a device, keep them “busy” on a worksheet or use technology as a babysitter, you will find a cleaner, quietly managed classroom.  But engaged classrooms are louder, messier, and more learning is going on within those walls.

Here are ways to successfully keep your classroom engaged and not just, “busy”.

Ideas on Utilizing Technology

Creation and Presentation Tools:  Educreations, Animoto, Prezi, Sway, Photo Peach, Mysimpleshow, iMovie, WeVideo, EdPuzzle, Smule Auto Rap, Adobe Voice, Chatter Pix.

Collaboration Tools:  Lino, Padlet, VoiceThread, TodaysMeet, EverNote

Learning Management: Edmodo, Remind, Seesaw, Moodle, Flipgrid, Schoology.

Interactive Tools:  Poll Everywhere, Explain Everything,  Nearpod, readwritethink, Discovery Education, AnswerGarden, Aurasma

Organizing Tools:  Popplet, Wufoo, Flowchart Maker







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